Micromatter solutions enable your field workforce to retrieve information from databases stored on hand held devices and process your customer needs at the point of contact. This means that the cost of processing information collected from the field is reduced but also includes the following benefits:

Reduced Paperwork
Process Automation
Error Reduction
Minimise Phone Calls
Search For Information On Site
Electronic Signature
Faster Processing
Customer Satisfaction

Once we have identified your business needs we can provide you with a complete mobile solution. We supply a range of hand held devices and provide the necessary software to integrate with your existing system.


Mobile Estate Agent

The Mobile Estate Agent solution that is used by property valuers to record particulars for automatic processing.


Mobile Sales

The Mobile Sales solution that is used to equip a field sales workforce and automate the sales ordering system.


Mobile Delivery

The Mobile Delivery solution that is used to equip a field delivery workforce and automate the supply chain network.