Micromatter will work with your in-house experts to ensure that our mobile solutions will integrate with your existing systems. We can also provide our own expertise to integrate existing host systems and provide assistance at all stages throughout the development lifecycle:

· Project Management
· Requirements Capture
· Software Design
· Feasibility Studies
· Prototyping
· Documentation
· Consultancy Advise
· Software Development
· System Testing

We complement our own product development activities in the mobile business area with the opportunity to provide bespoke development and support for other organisations over a wide range of market sectors:

· Mobile Commerce
· Automated Teller Machines

· Point Of Sale systems
· Electronic Fund Transfer
· Loyalty systems
· Smart Cards
· Pin Pads and Security
· Transaction Processing
· Telecommunications

Micromatter is flexible in the type of working relationship with clients and the service provided will allow for work to be conducted at the client premises or offsite.