Mobile Sales

Today's economy and competitive marketplace demands maximum productivity from mobile resources which are the people and vehicles that service the customers' needs. Many companies are already looking at ways to improve their processes in this area and MicroMatter assist in achieving an effective supply chain through the Mobile Sales solution.

 Key features of an effective field sales force:

Accuracy: This is the ability to provide customers with specific and up-to-date information. The customer can question unit cost, specifications, availability and delivery.

Responsiveness: The aim is to process customer orders at speed and deliver on time. A reduced lead time for customers will sustain competitive advantage for the company over time.

Reliability: Providing a consistent service to enhance customer relationships. The reliability of contractual agreements ensures that what is delivered is what the customer needs.

The Mobile Sales solution aims to provide faster and efficient information flow to enhance the key features of an effective field sales force but it also aims to reduce costs.



Key benefits of the Micromatter solution:

Accuracy: Accurate reporting of consumer information. It gives sales people the ability to keep track of customers and appointments, collect inventory and access prices, minimum order quantities and order status in real-time (via SMS) or at least prior to the customer visit. Hand held devices retrieve and store critical customer and order information from your company's central computer network.

Responsiveness: Faster order processing. Orders can be placed in the central computer system instantly (via SMS) or at least on the same day as the customer visit. This will help ensure that customer needs are being addressed on time.

Reliability: Increased staff efficiency and improved customer service. Special requirements can be addressed on-site and this avoids delivery recall and redundant visits. Field sales teams are in close contact with managers, colleagues, and customers. They are equipped to better anticipate and satisfy customer needs.


Other benefits:

Reduced paperwork: No collation, filing.

Error reduction: Accurate sales orders processed.

Reduced costs: Process automation.

Maintainable: Highly scalable for future developments.


Optional Features:

SMS: Send updated inventory details to handheld.

Bar-code: Provide accurate audit of goods.

Hardware independent: Solutions can be ported to any device supporting the Windows CE operating system.

Communication methods: Connection with central computer system using IR, SMS, GPRS, GSM Modem, PSTN modem.

User interface: Data can be entered using the image of a normal keyboard on the touchscreen display and the software allows the use of 'pick lists', 'tick boxes' and 'fill in boxes'.