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Today's economy and competitive marketplace demands maximum productivity from mobile resources which are the people and vehicles that service your customers needs. Micromatter assist in building competitive advantage through the use of technology by providing systems solutions that will unleash the potential of your business.


Table Planner

Windows Phone 7 certified application available from microsoft marketplace.

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Keep a track of who is coming and who is not. Table planner allows you to manage events from social party to formal weddings. The floor plan is a map where you can zoom in and assign seats and you can also assign seating automatically. You can keep note of who is attending and also what they like to choose from your menu.


Connecting Your Workforce

Micromatter provides you with the opportunity to reduce running costs and paperwork, and also improve your service to your customers, through effective use of your mobile workforce.

We provide solutions, services and support to connect your mobile workforce with your company business systems. We can work with you to determine best use of mobile technology within your business and develop software for mobile devices that will connect your workforce to your business.

Please contact us for an informal discussion of your mobile business needs.


We have considerable experience in the development of mobile soluations and being independant from specific manufacturers we can offer solutions that best meet your system requirements using devices from a range of manufacturers.