Mobile Delivery

There is an increase in competition between supply chains of companies to gain competitive advantage and this trend is set to continue in the future. Many companies are already looking at ways to improve their processes in this area and MicroMatter assist in achieving an effective supply chain through the Mobile Delivery solution.

Key features of an effective supply chain:

Agility: The aim of agility is to minimise the time from making the concept to collecting the cash. Agility is thus the competency that sustains world class performance over time.

Responsiveness: This is a time based principle, dealing with the ability to react to sudden potential and opportunities in time to take advantage of the opportunities. Responsiveness is characterised by the ability to capture customer demand as close to real time as possible, and have the supply chain respond as a direct result.

Flexibility: This is the ability to adapt to unexpected circumstances and permits an organisation to continuously improve customer satisfaction by leveraging routine performance to high levels of non-routine compliance. Flexibility concerns a firm's capability to encounter, resolve, and exploit the unexpected emergency or opportunity.

The Mobile Delivery solution aims to provide faster and efficient information flow to enhance the key features of an effective supply chain but it also aims to reduce costs.



Key benefits of the Micromatter solution:

Agility: Data is transferred electronically and the customer can either be billed instantly once delivery is made (via SMS) or at least on the same day as delivery. Reducing the time it takes to receive payment from customers improves the company cash flow which means improved financial liquidity.

Responsiveness: Details can easily be modified at the point of delivery. Additional items can be ordered and goods returned. Modifications can either be routed back in to the system instantly (via SMS) or at least on the same day as initial delivery. This will help ensure that customer needs are being addressed on time.

Flexibility: Information is up-to-date and accurate and the option of real time reporting is available (via SMS). This avoids delivery recall, redundant visits, and allows effective utilisation of vehicle and trunking routes.


Other benefits:

Reduced paperwork: No collation, filing.

Error reduction: Accurate invoices despatched.

Reduced costs: Process automation.

Electronic signature: Proof of delivery easily retrieved.


Optional Features:

SMS: Send consignment details to handheld.

Bar-code: Provide accurate audit of goods.

Hardware independent: Solutions can be ported to any device supporting the Windows CE operating system.

Communication methods: Connection with central computer system using IR, SMS, GPRS, GSM Modem, PSTN modem.

User interface: Data can be entered using the image of a normal keyboard on the touchscreen display and the software allows the use of 'pick lists', 'tick boxes' and 'fill in boxes'.