Mobile Estate Agent

For Sale: A three bedroom detached villa with gas central heating and double glazing. There are many other features of course but the owners are keen to sell as soon as possible and there is urgency for the Estate Agent to produce a schedule and advertise the house on the market.

MicroMatter provides your field workforce with the ability to capture features of the property at the point of contact for automatic processing. This means that your house evaluation process becomes more efficient and cost effective. It also improves the service to your customers which means that increased customer satisfaction will sustain the competitive advantage of your company.

Reduce Costs

Features of the property are selected from a list held on a database and are automatically processed to produce a draft schedule in Microsoft Word running on the mobile device. The schedule is then transferred to your office PC for minor modifications. This means that your office staff will no longer be required to type up a schedule from scratch, and depending on your current process, can save as much as 1 hour for each schedule produced.

Increase Efficiency

All information is stored electronically which provides organisation and easy retrieval when needed. The Pocket PC comes with the standard Microsoft Outlook benefits of being able to automatically synchronise your contacts and calendar with your office PC, but can also be used to take voice recordings, hand written notes, and even comes with an optional camera attachment for taking digital pictures and movies.

Provide Accurate Property Information

The Mobile Estate Agency software will allow the property evaluator to check that all possible features of a room are considered. It also allows the evaluator to add or select from a list of notes about a particular feature or location, and with the ability to determine when a particular note was last used and how often, the evaluator can ensure that each schedule produced is unique.

More Responsive Service

The automatic production of a draft schedule is possible at the time of visiting your clients. This means that the property owner can review the contents of the schedule at the point of contact, and any modifications can be performed in their presence. It also means that the final schedule can be assured and the property advertised on the market within the same day, or even quicker if emailed from the client premises using an attached mobile phone.

Ease Of Use

The mobile device makes use of a Microsoft Windows user interface combined with a touch screen for data entry and option selection. Additional automation means that some information that is entered such as room sizes are converted to imperial measurements. Ease of use means that the Mobile Estate Agency software is ideal for the training of any new property evaluators which allows them to quickly become effective.